Jovina Herrera
Coolest Pole dance lessons ever !!! Very friendly professional & caring atmosphere !

Elaine Lovato
Brynlyn is fun, encouraging, and a detail oriented teacher. The classes are challenging and empowering. There are multiple classes and times to choose from. And she is flexible with package expiration dates and scheduling. I'm very happy to have found SWPD!

J. Nicole Nelson
I love love love taking classes here. She's so nice and so professional. These classes have really boosted my confidence by taking the classes and her constant reassurance.
She is so accomodating with the schedule and often adds classes when I can't make it to one.
I don't know what I'd do without my weekly pole dancing classes!!

J. Chong 
Brynlyn is an excellent pole instructor and extremely talented. I decided to start my pole training over due to injuries and bad habits, and I feel stronger and more capable than ever under her guidance. I really appreciate her commitment to fundamentals and her student's progress.

TereLyn Jones
I'm from Atlanta and dropped in while I was in town, I loved the atmosphere. Brynlyn was an amazing instructor I learned terminology for the technique of pole dancing I was learning and was given a wonderful yoga stretch warm up before beginning. I'd recommend this class and business everyone. Really cool place! I loved it!

Joselin Taylor
This is an outstanding place to learn how to pole dance! Brynlyn is a awesome teacher who is super encouraging and supportive !

Michelle Wilson
If you are thinking about trying Pole Dancing, this is the place for you. The instructor Brynlyn is well versed in her craft and is a caring and patient teacher who works with her students at whatever level they are at. She is also very friendly and easy to work with. The studio is clean, the routines are fun but also challenging in a way that makes you want to come back and learn more. It is also great exercise that will help you with your flexibility, balance, dance moves and even getting in touch with your sensual side.  The other ladies in the classes are also very nice and supportive and it is a great place to make new friends with a common interest!

Mira Lopez
This is a great place with skilled teachers who are very encouraging. I found SWPD online and had so much fun in the intro class had to come back the next day for more. There is nothing like this in Santa Fe but is well worth the drive for such nice talented teachers and welcoming environment. 

Devon R. 

So amazing. I am addicted. Brynlyn is such a fantastic teacher and encourages you every step of the way!

Faith Sears
This place is awesome! As a beginner, with absolutely no experience, they really made me feel comfortable and encouraged. Instructors and staff (as well as other clients!) are extremely friendly and helpful. This was a great place for someone who didn't know what they were doing, but would also be great be for those who do as the instructors are incredibly talented!

Molly Wright 
I really enjoyed my first class. The instructor was very patient, encouraging, and fun. My goals when I booked the intro package was to try something new and fun, get comfortable " being sexy" again, and try a different type of fitness- the classes are just what I hoped for  :) I look forward to my next class! 

​Aubrey Jackson, Sociology Professor at UNM and SWPD Student 

Upon recently moving to Albuquerque, I was in desperate need of a new pole studio. I found SW Pole Dancing. My first class left my mind and spirit energized, and my body thoroughly worked and spotted with new pole kisses (i.e., what pole dancers affectionately and proudly call their hard-earned bruises). I had found my new pole home! I especially appreciate Brynlyn's technical expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity. She helps fine-tune old moves, tackle new moves, develop choreography, and build strength and endurance in an atmosphere that is supportive and fun.

Tess Ritchey

"Since starting classes at SW Pole, I have noticed an increase in strength and flexibility and a decrease in sprains, strains and flare ups of old pole injuries. One of my favorite classes is the Spins & Transitions class on Fridays from 4:00-5:00pm, taught by Brynlyn Loomis. After warming up, the class begins with a review of one spin or transition as a building block.  As it progresses, you build upon each skill until you've put together a series of unique and inventive combinations. The repetition helps build both muscle memory as well as the strength to perform each spin and transition with the proper technique. The last five minutes of class are dedicated to "freestyle," challenging you to flex your creative muscles by combining the skills learned in your own way.  The instructor, Brynlyn, provides structure and guidance while encouraging you to add artistry and make it your own. She is perceptive to each student's needs and will work with you accordingly. She helps to correct areas of weakness while highlighting your strengths, making each class rewarding and well-rounded.After attending several weeks of Spins class, I have noticed an increased proficiency in my ability to pick up tricks and put together combinations taught in other SW Pole classes. It has improved my confidence as both a performer and an athlete. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve upon their spins as well as their Climb & Spin technique."

Erin Baldwin, Owner of The Wod Bod 

My name is Erin Baldwin and I started taking pole dancing classes at SW Pole Dancing about 2 months ago. When I first started, I loved the experience and enjoyed the classes but I would leave slightly frustrated because I was horrible at spinning! I would come and ask "Can we just climb and not spin?" but as we all know, spinning is a huge part of pole dancing. After a couple weeks of taking classes I decided to go to the Pole Spins class. During this class the spin drills got drilled into my head and I began to understand proper form and got better in the first class! Every time I have gone, Brynlyn (the instructor) has taken the time to actually teach me, pay attention to my needs, show proper technique, and made it fun while learning. Since I've been going to the classes I now enjoy spinning as much as climbing! I attend regular classes and enjoy myself the entire time. I recommend attending this class whether you like, love, or hate spins. It will benefit you and only make you a stronger dancer!    

Crimson Winter
"SW Pole Dancing is AMAZING! Brynlyn is an amazing technical dancer that treats each student with respect and she oozes an undeniable enthusiasm for teaching. She is articulate, detailed and able to identify and make corrects with kindness and gentle encouragement. She is a true gem in the Southwest!"
Leno Sto, Local NM Artist and mother 
''I started classes at SW Pole Dancing after 7 months of healing from abdominal surgery----in only three months of pole dancing, I lost ALL my baby weight and now weigh less than I did before I was pregnant and am more fit than I have ever been. Classes are small, personal, friendly and respectful. Working out is sooo fun!!!----time flies and it doesn't even feel like exercise! Brynlyn (the instructor) is talented, understanding, encouraging and a great trainer and teacher. She works with her students where they are at, mindful of injuries, surgeries and weaknesses. She builds them up both physically and emotionally. It'a not all about being "sexy" (though it's a nice perk). Being sexy and sensual is not the main focus, but being well roundly fit. Learning to be sexy and natural in one's own body is a gift special and unique to the art of pole dancing. Pricing is extremely reasonable especially considering how small the classes are and the personal training you get from Brynlyn. My husband loves it!!! (for obvious reasons) and I am strong enough to take care of my baby girl! I honestly would be a wreck if SW Pole Dancing wasn't there for me. All women should come no matter what walk of life you are in!!! Especially woman wanting to regain there strength and flexibility from injury or pregnancy."
Wendy Traskos, Owner/Founder of NY Pole Dancing, Climb & Spin, Inc. & United States Pole Dance Federation 
"Brynlyn is a highly qualified Pole dance instructor with over 9 years pole instructor experience. SWPD is nice and in a great location. Pole Dancing is a the best resistance training for women, plus it is all kinds of fun. I recommend SW Pole Dancing for your pole fitness needs."
Laura N Di Mauro, Student
​"Challenging and fun! Brynlyn is a great instructor, professional, creative, and encouraging .... will make you feel right at home :)"