Brynlyn Loomis

Owner / Master Instructor

(Master Climb & Spin, Inc. Instructor)

Brynlyn, a native and current resident of Albuquerque, NM, is the owner of Southwest Pole Dancing ( in Albuquerque, NM. She was part of the New York Pole Dancing ( team for over seven years and is a Master Climb & Spin, Inc. Instructor (

Brynlyn has been a featured pole dancer for Yummy Tummy Shapewear, The Glass House, New York Cares, NY Pole Pink Fridays, regular Schtick a Pole In It appearances (, The Pulse Project, Envy Nightlife at Route 66 Casino and SW Pole Performers. Her competition credits include the US Pole Dance Federation Amateur & Pro Divisions ( She also appears in the movie, Skinja ( the web series, Enter the Dojo Show (​) and "Where's Norma Now" (

Industrial dance credits include Capezio and BedHead. Favorite Musical Theatre credits include K.C. in "My Favorite Year" at the Adobe Theatre and Val Clark in "A Chorus Line" with Landmark Musicals. 

Brynlyn is a graduate of NM School of Natural Therapeutics, planning to add body work to SWPD soon!

"Roots to keep you grounded.  Wings to make you fly.  We trust the Climb & Spin, Inc. Process."​

​~SW Pole Dancing 


Crimson Winter is inspired by the exotic genre of pole dance and proudly embraces it in her personal style. She is known for her floorwork, fluidity and legwork. She is proud to share her passion for pole dance teaching at Southwest Pole Dance and also as a traveling performer and instructor. Crimson is an apprentice Climb & Spin, Inc. Instructor.